When a boy and girl awake within a stone circle, their minds are blank. They don’t know where they are, where they’re from or even who they are. Before these questions can be answered they find themselves about to be sacrificed by a Bronze Age tribe, until that is, the mysterious Foreseer arrives and saves them.

 From him, they discover that they are as far from home as they could be. He tells them that to return they must steal an artefact from the vicious Beaker Tribe and restore the stone circle to its former glory. Can the children avoid all-out war and return home or will they be cast in Bronze forever?    


  • Ideal for ages 6+ 
  • Compliments the prehistory curriculum for Key Stage 2
  • Book focuses on Bronze Age Britain
  • Reading comprehension activities available 
  • Bronze Age school visits 
  • Ideal for Stonehenge study 

"This is a thrilling adventure set in the Bronze Age, filled with all of the dangers and threats to life you would expect of such a savage time. Paul captures the essence of Bronze Age living with the added bonus of a mysterious force that's brought our hero and heroine back through time and at the same time erased their memories of when and where they both come from. Superb!"

Booksmonthly 2016 

“ A flock of ravens flew above us. They moved at the same speed as us as if they were part of the procession. More and more people joined us. Some walked along the high banks to get a good view. Many were chanting or singing. I saw the little girl who had been saved from the arrows. She wasn’t chanting or singing.
“We’ve only been here one day,” said the girl lying beside me. “How can it be our fault that the sun hasn’t shone for weeks?” 
“Is that what they’re singing?” I asked. 
She nodded. “They’re going to burn the clouds away so the sun can come out.” 
“How are they going to do that?” I said. 
I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Standing in the circle, beside a huge, fallen stone, was the last person I wanted to see. Ecron was dressed in a bloodstained cloth and was holding a long, bronze dagger. A mighty fire was blazing and crackling behind her. 
“They’re going to burn us. That’s the quickest way to reach the gods,” the girl explained.