If you would like to know more about what I can offer and to discuss prices, please contact me via the email link below. 

I promise I'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

Author visits 

I'm Paul Nolan: some days I write for children; some days I teach children; all days I parent children. It's a busy life! 

At the end of the week you will find me ensconced in the classroom, probably inspiring creative writing when I should be teaching mechanical writing! I'll keep rebelling until they catch me. However, for the better part of the week, when I'm free of my shackles, you might find me researching for my latest historical book, or nose to the keyboard, tapping a tune as I travel back in time.

 Some days, you might even find my alter-ego in another school, dancing with a dinosaur, or beneath a table with a bunch of four and five years old, searching for an ancient egg. I'll go wherever the writing takes me! 

Between us, my alter-ego and I can offer the following: 

Creative writing exercises and workshops for Key Stage 1-3 - customised to suit the children. Can be history based or not! Paired writing approach used. Check out www.creativewritingclub.co.uk for more details and to see our resources.
Specialist workshops in Bronze Age and the World Wars - see my books Age of Bronze, Agent Two Face (WW1) and Demons of Dunkirk (WW2) 
Can introduce a whole school 'Time Machine Week' - see the website www.writebackintime.co.uk for more details 
Children's work can be published into a paperback and purchased by parents - the children love this!
Whole school or year group assemblies adapted to suit the need of each school 
Available for book signings of my books at promotional prices 
Available for staff meetings to promote how creative writing can survive the new curriculum 
Available for commissions - all offers considered
Based in Hampshire near Winchester but will travel much further 

So why me? Well, here's but some of the reasons! 

Critically acclaimed author. Words such as 'unputdownable', 'superb', 'evocative', 'thrilling' and so many others have been used to describe my books 
Still a primary teacher - so I know what teachers need! I will leave behind top tips that will help pupils progress. I may leave your school in a day, but my ideas will last much longer! 
A highly entertaining and engaging speaker - fine tuned over many years of being a teacher, Deputy Headteacher and travelling author
Not famous yet but working on it! Catch me whilst you can! 

What children have said about my school visits: 

 "I have enjoyed writing my viking story with a partner. It's fun to work together. Mr. Nolan helped make writing more enjoyable." Jasmine (11)

"I learnt how to make my stories more exciting." Jasmin (7) 

"Mr. Nolan made me think differently about writing stories." Rosie (10)

"I have learnt that using too much dialogue slows a story down." Zelia (10) 

" I really enjoyed writing a deathly story with a person I do not usually work with." Gracie (9) 

"I learnt a lot about how to scare a reader and how to start a horror book." Daniel (9) 

"I liked the FEAROMETER because it showed how scared I was." Mikun (9)

"I loved listening to The Forsaken Queen." Jasmine (10) 

"I have learnt how to engage the reader quickly." Melia (10) 

"I have learnt how to use shapes as a good image." Matthew (10) 

"I liked how we used the FEAROMETERS to understand how the characters are feeling." Holly (8)

And the teachers are impressed too: 

"What Paul did with my class has made a huge difference. Since his visit I have seen a big improvement in the quality of their writing. They have absorbed the advice he has given them and they are now writing consistently at an even higher standard." (Laura 18+) 

So there you have it! Who I am and what I can offer.

Children often ask me if I'm famous! One day I hope they won't have to ask! Until then though, you should be able to book me! 

Speak soon...