Available on request: 

  • Free sample chapters of the 'Age of Bronze' 

  • Free comprehension questions to accompany chapters

  • Further details on Bronze Age workshops 

  • Prices and availabiliy 


Planning and writing own Bronze Age stories and artefact handing 

Learning about why Stonehenge was so important 

Taking part in a Bronze Age burial procession 


Your pupils can:

  • Use a Bronze Age Planning sheet 
  • Write their own Bronze Age story
  • Continue a scene from ‘Age of Bronze’
  • Have their own stories published
  • Participate in interactive reading of ‘Age of Bronze’
  • Buy their own signed books


Your pupils can:

  • Play a fun and interactive ‘Stone, Bronze or Iron’ game
  • Learn about how Bronze was made
  • Participate in a Bronze Age burial
  • Learn more about life in the Bronze Age
  • Help rebuild 'Foamhenge' 
  • Handle real bronze age artefacts
  • Dress up in authentic Bronze Age clothes 
  • Act out parts of 'Age of Bronze' 

Working together to move Sarsen stones