"An unputdownable adventure story...packed with historical facts. A great aid to pupils studying World War 2." Love reading 2015

"When students are taught history – particularly history related to World War I and II – it is unfortunate that the dramatic scale of the horrors that occurred often serves to distance the student from what they are learning. However, for meaningful understanding, it is vital to help students understand that these events were occurring to everyday people. This is where Demons of Dunkirk shines.

Nolan’s clearly expressed, yet evocative writing creates a fast paced, exhilarating story for the reader, and to the very last page, presents a sincere tale of hardship and heroism." Gobblefunked 2015 

  • Ideal for ages 10+ 
  • Inspired by true events
  • Gritty and graphic retelling of Dunkirk evacuation
  • Perfect for Key Stage 2/3 History studies 
  • Dunkirk and WWII Story planners available 
  • WW2/Dunkirk workshops led by the author
  • Write your own Dunkirk inspired stories 

​​Demons of Dunkirk 

“We’re nearer hell than home now Charlie,” the great man said, as we looked to the huge pillars of smoke that spiralled above the beaches. We were there to save the soldiers; little did I know that soon I would need rescuing myself from the Demons of Dunkirk. 

After a run in with a brutal instructor on the naval training ship The Mercury, a teenager finds himself on the run. His father introduces him to Bill, the Captain of a fishing boat called The White Feather. A few days later, the pair find themselves caught up in the most heroic retreat of World War Two - the Dunkirk evacuation. 

'The White Feather danced in defiance, weaving her way through the waters,  trying to shake off her pursuer. The angry drone became a mechanised roar, as the plane came nearer, the men about me, convulsed in fear, many crying - many praying.