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From the age of 8: Alfred the Great 

....ready to fight from Spring 2020 

"One day Alfred, you are going to be great, so great that you must write about your life. People will want to know about one of the greatest men ever to have lived."

It's not easy being Anglo-Saxon royalty. As well as rampaging axe-happy Vikings, you're going to have your noble hands full fighting of rival members of your own family. Find out how Alfred became the last noble standing in this gripping children's diary.

'A Viking shield pushed hard against mine. My arms and legs stretched in agony as they failed to hold back my opponent. I felt my legs buckle beneath me and I fell back, looking up to see a pair of wild, white eyes and an axe swinging for me. " 

Based around real events, Alfred's thrilling blood-soaked children's diary describes the key events in Alfred's youth that shaped him into the wise and noble king he is famed for! Ideal for ages 8+ and anyone interested in the formative years of England's greatest king.