Mrs. Miller - Christmas Killer 

Life for the children at Mount Pleasant Junior School is anything but pleasant, especially at Christmas time, for their Head Teacher is the notorious 'Christmas Killer' - Mrs. Miller.

The manic Head Teacher, along with her diminutive Deputy Head Teacher Mr. Castle, and S.C.A.M.P students, have quashed even the mention of Christmas at school. On her first day at her new school, the ten-year-old Holly Glover, witnesses Mrs. Miller's barbarity first hand when her teacher, Mr. Mild, is humiliated in front of the whole school for committing the great 'crime' of putting up a Christmas tree in his classroom...

“CHRISTMAS,” she shrieked, “does not exist at Mount Pleasant Junior School. It is an unwanted distraction. It lowers pupil performance and affects my data!”

From that moment on, Holly joins forces with her vengeful teacher, and along with her two friends, Chris and Meera, they decide to try and outwit Mrs. Miller, and return Christmas to Mount Pleasant. Bring on 'Operation Christmas'.

However, it isn't long before Holly suffers the wrath of the sadistic Head Teacher which only goes to further her determination to triumph over Mrs. Miller.

'Mrs. Miller gazed from one child to another. The dragon was choosing which child to eat first.

“And you,” she snarled, pointing her claws at Holly. “What’s your name?”

Holly told her. Mrs. Miller screwed her face up and somehow kept it so, when she spoke:

“I hate that name. That alone, is reason enough for a detention. All three of you will report to my office on the stroke of lunchtime. I’ll teach you a lesson you will never forget!”

  • Ideal for ages 8+ 

  • Great Christmas book for adults and kids

  • Perfect Christmas story to read to a class 

  • Available in paperback and on Kindle 

"The characters were well-written. I liked Holly and her new friends, Meera and Chris. Mrs Miller is very scary, and I can see why no one wants to cross her. I liked the way that she was contrasted against her deputy, Mr Castle. Holly’s father seems somewhat eccentric. Everything he does is humorous for everyone except Holly, who finds his behaviour utterly mortifying. Between his terrible spray tan business, clothing choices, belchy old van, and his obliviousness to Holly’s embarrassment, Mr Glover tops the list of most embarrassing Dads."

Mrs Miller – Christmas Killer is suitable for middle and upper primary school students. I enjoyed it, it’s a good story to read before Christmas." Today we did