The Forsaken Queen 

"The plot is really strong and a brilliant fit for the target audience of eleven plus. It moves with a lot of pace so you’re constantly gabbling to keep up and I think in terms of the target audience that’s what you want rather than long twisting descriptions. Overall this is a real credit to the author and I would have adored this as a younger reader. The mystery, suspense and the adventure added to the fantasy feel. In terms of the plot I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll say this, parents, if you’re trying to get your troublesome early teens to read a little more; this is for you and anyone else that just loves a good adventure." My Little Book Blog 2015

  • Ideal for ages 11+ 
  • Hampton Court ghost story
  • Focuses on life of Henry VIII's wives
  • Excellent for children studying the Tudor period
  • Inspired by real events 
  • Available on Kindle and paperback
  • Horror/adventure story workshops led by author

For Henry Taylor, life was one big disappointment: ignored at home and ridiculed at school. However, what he discovers in the secret crypt at Hampton Court Palace, sets in motion a series of terrifying events and startling revelations, that changes his life forever. Soon he discovers that not every change is for the better. 

Together with his new found friends, Dominique and Simeon, he scours the Great Castles of London, from Hampton Court, the home of Henry VIII, to Windsor Castle, to unravel the secrets of the past, that have so long been locked away. The nearer he comes to the truth, the more he realises that not everything, or everyone, is what he once thought them to be. 

Summoning the last of his strength, Oswald hoisted himself to his knees. A shrieking shrill reverberated within the chapel, piercing his ears. His body convulsed, traumatised by terror, his head fixed towards the altar. Through the scaffolding came movement, something, someone, moving, rising in the gloom beyond the reaches of the lamp light.