Your pupils can: 

  • Use a WWII planner

  • ​Learn 'top tips' for quality story writing

  • ​Create their own WWII and Dunkirk stories

  • ​Have their stories 'published' 

  • ​Listen to extracts from 'Demons of Dunkirk'

  • ​Buy their own signed copies ​​

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​Your pupils can: 

  • Re-enact the Dunkirk evacuation 

  • ​Help rescue the wounded soldiers in 'stretcher race'

  • ​Dress in period clothes 

  • ​Handle WWII artefacts

  • Participate in an Air Raid 

  • Help rebuild a bombed London 

  • Enjoy an interactive WWII quiz 

“An unputdownable adventurestory... packed with historical facts.” Lovereading

“When students are taught history – particularly history related to World War I and II – it is unfortunate that the dramatic scale of the horrors that occurred often serves to distance the student from what they are learning. However, for meaningful understanding, it is vital to help students understand that these events were occurring to everyday people. This is where Demons of Dunkirk shines.

Nolan’s clearly expressed, yet evocative writing creates a fast paced, exhilarating story for the reader, and to the very last page, presents a sincere tale of hardship and heroism.” Gobblefunked