Historical Workshops

​Your pupils can: 

  • ​Re-enact life in the trenches
  • Go over the top into 'Nomansland'. 
  • ​Help rescue wounded soldiers 
  • Dress in period clothes
  • ​Handle WWI artefacts
  • ​Write WWI postcards 
  • ​ Learn about WWI child spies 
  • ​Participate in basic training

Writing Workshops

Your pupils can:​​

  • Use a WWI planner
  • ​Write their own WWI story
  • ​Get 'top tips' from an author
  • ​Listen to extracts from Agent Two Face
  • Have their stories published on the web
  • ​Buy their own signed copies at discounted prices 

For any prices and availability, please use the contact form below. 

Many Thanks! 

“There are plenty of plot twists to keep you gripped in this dramatic, atmospheric story. It is full of heart stopping moments, vividly bringing the period to life. Fair size print in this short novel for older, mature readers.” Primary  Times

“A dramatic introduction draws you straight into the book - you just have to find out who Grandpa's mysterious visitor is. The story takes you back to London during the First World War, where a German teenager is captured by spymasters and finds himself living a double life. From the 
streets of London to the horrors of the Western Front, this relatively young person finds himself in a position to turn the war in Germany's favour. It's a tense and exciting story which is excellent to set the background of the Great War for students. Excellently written with well-rounded and captivating characterisation.” Parent in Touch